16 Apr

Shopping Haul: What I bought this week

As far as shopping hauls go, I’ve been really REALLY good these past few months. My debit card hasn’t been used for anything other than my day to day needs, grocery and the like – with maybe an odd beauty buy here and there. But this weekend, the shopping itch was so intense, I just caved. I’ve bought so many things (so many necessary things) I can hardly justify the charges on my card! My only solace is that I used a bunch of discount codes, one half used gift card and bought mostly sale items. My shopping haul includes items from my retail store favourites, mostly ASOS, New Look, H&M, Marks & Spencers and Forever21.

I’m going to be in DC on Saturday and I’m finally going to be leaving gloomy and chilly Glasgow for a wee while. I needed clothes that reflected both the change in season and change in spirit – finally my pale legs are going to see some sunlight and my wardrobe is finally gonna have some much needed colour!

Shopping Haul - April


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08 Apr

*The Cutest Little Elephant You Will Ever See

A few days ago I received the cutest little thing in the mail. Love Hearts and Crosses Jewellery* sent me a cute little Origami Elephant from their Origami Collection.

“Love Hearts and Crosses is an online boutique that sells a wide range of contemporary, vintage, and handmade jewellery….Quirky and cute is our motto!…”

Their jewellery is colourful and full of youth. Their pieces are quirky, fun and so GD cute! I think thats what makes them so appealing to both the young and old. The pieces in their origami collection comes in silver plated, plated gold or rose gold. This super cute origami animal necklace comes in other animals as well namely: rabbits and foxes! The pendant measures approximately 2cm x 1.5cm (0.5″ x 0.8″). Chain measures approximately 16-18″ (40-45cm).


Love Heart and Crosses Jewellery | Gold Origami Elephant Necklace*, £12.99 | (HERE)

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06 Apr

Transition Your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

I’ve been envying friends and family back in Dubai. I’ve been watching (read: creeping mostly on Instagram and Facebook) as my friends have switched out their heavy winter apparel for light and breezy spring wear. So jealous. Unfortunately for me, Glasgow is still in the throes of what seems like the longest winter ever. AHHH!  I just want a brief glimpse of spring – I don’t think that’s too much to ask. Is it? I hope that spring makes an appearance, and soon! In preparation I’m hoping this blog post will help me and maybe you transition some of your favourite winter pieces from your wardrobe to spring. Check out the slideshow to learn how you can transition your wardrobe from winter to spring using just some of your winter pieces.

02 Apr

SPONSORED: Style your home with Chesterfield Sofas By John Lewis

I’m not gonna lie; I can spend hours swooning over furniture. I love interior design and home decor. If I had unlimited funds I’d be spending every penny sprucing my home up with all things glamorous. So when John Lewis approached me to create home looks with their Chesterfield Sofas I couldn’t refuse. The Chesterfield Sofas by John Lewis are glamorous and plush – perfect for a man cave, a modern living room, a cigar lounge or just in a bedroom framing a floor to ceiling windows. The sofas come in the Todd and Hayworth Range which feature both the updated and classic button-back pieces.

I’ve created these dream looks for my future home. The focus point of each of these rooms is the Chesterfield Sofa from John Lewis. They come in numerous colours, shapes and fabrics. My favourite has to be the Hayworth Medium Chesterfield Sofa in Ruben Blackberry. Its gorgeous, deep, plush colour would be perfect against any backdrop. I’m in love with the way it looks.

Chesterfield Sofas by John Lewis


This is a stunning modern room. Focal point of this room is the lush plum coloured chesterfield sofa by John Lewis. A few scattered patterned pieces, gold accents and a touch of colour – this room is fit for a mature couple who like classic designs with a touch of contemporary. My favourite piece besides the sofa has to be the chevron patterned table. I mean, wow!
Now that’s a show stopper!

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